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He is a great star watching over his daughter!

Our Shining Star


Brett Chiarot

November 26, 1986 - October 10, 2010

Farewell To My Son

How do you say goodbye to someone you love who is a part of you.

As I sit alone, I ponder why? To the fairness or the unjustness. All I know is how I feel the pain and emptiness. And who do I blame?

You were here so short a time. I watched you grow from a happy baby to a fine young man. I was always so proud you were mine. I worried, I fretted like all mothers from the beginning of time.

I had so many dreams and hopes for the future. Some of our dreams were not the same, but the love and understanding were there. Sometimes we never told each other how deep our love was, but we heard if from others, and smiled inside.

Now the day has come that I must walk the world alone. As the tears blur my sight and my heart seems to break, I stop and think now how proud that you were mine for the short period of time. You touched so many people's lives and I know they will always remember you in their own way. I thank the Creator for each second I was your mother.

So now you know how much you are a part of me. I say farewell for now, my son, for one day we'll be together again.

To walk the hills and by the waters, to watch the clouds go drifting by.

Til then, I'll dream of yesterday and take you with me wherever I go, as I walk the path of life. You're free now like the eagle that flies.

To my son, I say my worldly goodbye.

By Barbara Gayle Bland